Without proper maintenance, your tree can do quite a number on your home. That’s why we suggest taking a proactive approach when it comes to tree care. But with the number of tree services in Deville, how do you know which one is most equipped to handle the job?

Check out these five tips for hiring a tree service.

Ask about experience

We’re guessing you don’t want just anyone working on your trees. Though everyone certainly has to start somewhere in their profession, we advise steering clear of those with minimal tree care experience. Trust us — you want to hire a local tree company that has been there and done that.

There’s no need to worry about experience when you team with BDC Tree Service in Deville. In fact, we have more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry. Even if you think there’s something strange going on with your tree, there’s a good chance we’ve seen and solved a similar issue before.

Look for credentials and licensing

This is a big one. Should you ever come across a tree service without adequate credentials or licensing, do yourself a favor and eliminate them from your list of candidates. It’s also worth mentioning that operating a tree removal company without a license is illegal.

Here at BDC Tree Service, we have no problem providing proof of credentials and licensure upon request. Our team is proud to be members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau, Licensed Arborists, as well as the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, we assume all liability when maintaining your trees.

Check into insurance  

This ties back to the previous point regarding credentials. Whether you’re in search of a tree service or a general contractor, it’s imperative to hire one that has both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. No homeowner has the time to deal with a lawsuit brought on by an uninsured tree company.

We get it — not many Deville residents know what it’s like to have a positive experience with a tree service. At BDC Tree Service, we understand the importance of being properly insured to perform all services listed on our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our insurance.

Ask for referrals

Once you have a shortlist of experienced, licensed, and insured tree companies, you’re ready to see what previous customers have to say. This is where the importance of referrals comes into play. Should a tree service be reluctant to provide referrals for whatever reason, cross them off your list and move on to the next company.

At BDC Tree Service, we believe that a customer’s testimonial is the biggest compliment we can get. Take it from Ginny Bridges, who says, “Cecil’s crew did a magnificent job of removing three large pine trees from my yard. The professionalism and courtesy of the men is a testimony of the great service that BDC provides.”

Get an estimate

At this point, it’s time to obtain estimates from each of the tree companies you’re still considering. But don’t immediately hire the one offering the cheaper price and calling it good. When it comes to tree care, homeowners get what they pay for.

Get in touch with BDC Tree Service today for a free estimate.

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